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Nestled in beautiful natural surroundings, Tabula Rasa Retreat, is located at Quinta da Fé, our spiritual home. Our unique hospitality was created with the aim of providing genuine and unforgettable moments to those who visit. It is no surprise many come as clients and leave as family.

Tabula Rasa Retreat is set in the rolling hills of the Alentejo region of Portugal, just over two hours’ drive from Lisbon International airport. It is obvious why we chose Quinta da Fe as our home, a place we built, re-vamped and nurtured to become Europe’s preferred ibogaine treatment center.

Furthermore, our iboga retreat is near to the attractive hill-top town of Évora, famous for its Roman temple ruins and quaint cobbled streets.  Also close by is the quirky and sleepy town of Beja. The region is dotted with castles, dramatic landscapes of olive trees and vineyards, beautiful rivers, and lakes.

Our ibogaine treatment center is located only a few kilometres away from the Alqueva dark sky region, with stars visible from the horizon. You don’t have to venture much further than into our peaceful garden to appreciate the stars… you feel like you could touch them and be touched.

Served by numerous airlines, Lisbon, Portugal’s international airport is a popular hub. Trans-continental rail services pass through Lisbon railway station too. Road access is highly efficient if travelling from further afield or nearby. A client coming to Portugal for ibogaine treatment needs to be reassured by good transport connections, you wouldn’t want to go into full withdrawals from opiates whilst waiting for lengthy connections!

Tabula Rasa Retreat is not a drug rehabilitation clinic, it is an ibogaine treatment center facility where a more humane, close to withdrawal free, detox can offer a new life. People come here to detox, to get help for addition issues, to resolve trauma, to find themselves; this is a place to be lost then found with ibogaine treatment, supported by daily practices and psychotherapy.

Found inside the roots of the African Tabernanthe Iboga shrub, Ibogaine is a natural, psychoactive alkaloidal substance that halts addictive patterns by neurochemically transporting the user to a physically and mentally pre-addictive state, what we in the business refer to as a ‘reset’. This is a state we have often long forgotten. A state many thought they would never experience again due to their damaging drug use, process addictions, negative behaviour patterns and harrowing thoughts.

While at our ibogaine treatment center, the client can appraise and reappraise. Looking deep inside, deeply into their inner self, the individual may be able to confront their past, their traumas, their fears. They may be also grateful to see some things, whilst being repulsed by others, but happy to be able to re-evaluate life from a new perspective. And… move forward… start living to their full potential again.

Healing is what is needed now, this applies to us now more than ever before. This is what Tabula Rasa Retreat exists for. It was lovingly set up by people who know what is required to escape and come to terms with what has gone before, because they have made that leap of faith themselves. The team at the retreat is there to help you through your whole journey – from initial enquiry, through to our process, pre-care, intake, the treatment itself and vital ongoing care.

Let us help you wipe the slate clean – Tabula Rasa.

Why choose to do an ibogaine treatment with us?

We have more than likely walked in your shoes, and you in ours. We understand addiction, mental health issues and the desire to be better versions of ourselves. This is not a solo job, we all need help, we need each other. We are here for you, this is why we exist.

At Tabula Rasa Retreat our number one priority is safety, no compromise.  It is unfortunate that few ibogaine providers operate in a medicalised setting. In contrast, at Tabula Rasa Retreat, we have a fully qualified consulting medical doctor and fully qualified nurses.  All our medical team are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified.  Our stringent screening, our inclusion and exclusion criteria ensure that only those deemed healthy enough for ibogaine treatment will be accepted. We wish we could treat everybody, but we cannot. In addition, our clients are monitored around the clock throughout their whole treatment, with continuous ECG monitors and AED equipment.

Our aim is not to mollycoddle you, but to provide you with a loving, caring, supportive, nurturing, and safe environment.  Because many of us have suffered from addition and mental health problems, we have a deep understanding of what you will be going through and are equipped to deal with difficult and challenging situations. At Tabula Rasa Retreat we offer you a platform and springboard to help you recover from your addiction with our tailored ibogaine treatments. We also provide you with the tools to enhance, nurture and integrate your spiritual journey and healing through our psycho-spiritual ibogaine treatment programme.

We did not choose ibogaine. Ibogaine chose us.

Is ibogaine safe?

We believe ibogaine is a safe treatment option if safety protocols are followed. Experienced and responsible providers will follow express guidelines and ensure that the vetting processes are rigorous and exacting to ensure only those suitable for ibogaine treatment will be accepted into an ibogaine treatment programme. If used alone, unsupervised, for example at home, ibogaine can be very dangerous and all sorts of complications can occur especially if the user has cardio-vascular (heart), liver and kidney problems.

We believe that the most important aspects of an ibogaine treatment is set, setting and dosage.

What is ibogaine treatment used for?

Since Howard Lots of discovered ibogaine’s anti additive properties in the 60’s, ibogaine treatment has typically being used to treat addictions to opiates, mainly heroin. As providers gained more experience, and studies on ibogaine ensued, ibogaine’s uses have expanded way beyond that of simply helping opiate addicts have lesser and more manageable withdrawal symptoms.

Due to Ibogaine’s addiction interruption mechanism of action, it has also been used successfully for the treatment of substances such as Cocaine / Crack CocaineMethamphetamineAlcohol (after medical detox), Spice, THC, Oxycontin, Fentanyl and other short-acting opiates. Long-acting opiates such as Methadone, Buprenorphine and Subutex / Suboxone have also been successfully treated provided a patient switches over to a short acting opiate in advance.

Ibogaines psycho-spiritual properties have also helped people with process and behavioral addictions, helped people tackle trauma (PTSD), fear, OCD, issues with food, sex and so much more. More importantly, many clients report a spiritual awakening of sorts.

See the full list of the conditions treated here.

What kind of support do you provide?

Our support starts right form the day you contact us. Once you have contacted us, we immediately connect you with our preferred pre-ibogaine treatment counsellor to set you up for this ‘rite of passage’ and give you the best opportunity for success in your treatment with ibogaine. In the meantime, we will have communicated via email and over the phone. Whilst you are with us, you will be treated with love, care, and compassion. Our ibogaine treatment is undertaken by professionals and a team that knows what you will be going through.

Post ibogaine you will be encouraged to join our integration groups and classes. Here we explore many topics such as relapse prevention, HALT, PAWS and we introduce you to many spiritual practices such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breathwork, Naikan and so much more.

Once you leave us, we will invite you to join our unique IRM (Ibogaine Recovery Movement) online meeting to give you ongoing FREE support for life! No other ibogaine treatment venter does this.

How much does ibogaine treatment cost?

We aim to make ibogaine treatment as lean as possible while maintaining high safety standards and providing you with the tools and support for long lasting results. Our Addiction and Psycho-Spiritual ibogaine treatment programs are priced at €5,616.50 for 6 nights (arrive Monday morning and depart by Saturday midday). Our price includes tax and pick up and return Lisbon airport only). Check in with us for costs of extended stays and tailored packages.

Clients are also able to book out our whole centre to do their ibogaine treatment in a more private, discreet and confidential setting.

Want to know more on how we can help you with ibogaine treatment? Ahead of a telephone conversation, please fill out our confidential, ‘no-strings-attached’ application form now.

Don’t take our word for it.

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